Who Are We?

We are committed to handmade because we see and touch every product that leaves our store. 

When we create new products we have our customers and future customers in mind through the whole process.  Our ingredients are the most important part of our products.  We buy our ingredients only from suppliers that do not test on animals, are GMO free, Paraben free, and phthalate free.  We plant, care for and grow a good bit of our own ingredients.

Handmade does not stop with our products.  Our building, storefront and lab was constructed by us to be completely functional for our particular needs. 

After making sure our products are perfect for our customers we take care of our employees.  We realize that a company cannot run smooth without good employees.  Our employees are more like family and we are very appreciate of them.  As the company grows, we look forward to offering more to our extended family members and helping them create a future for themselves.

 Where did DeAnna's come from?  (a little story about our humble beginnings from our founder) 

I was born creative, stubborn and very head strong.  I was a hairdresser for 30 years and worked with Redken traveling and  teaching haircolor.  Redken is a fabulous company to work for because of their passion for teaching their educators not only public speaking, but the importance of quality ingredients in cosmetic science.  

My husband and myself decided to become more self sufficient and started raising chickens, rabbits, and gardening on our own. We grew our own herbs for cooking and making tea. My next move was to learn to make lye soap. Not only was it fun and educational, my skin felt so much better after bathing with only it.

From there it was lotions, salves and bath bombs. It grew and grew. The more I played the more I realized that the ingredients that were being put into the products we were using on our body were not only unhealthy, but unnecessary. If a product claimed to be a hemp product, and hemp was the last thing on the label, there was actually very little hemp in the product.

My products made me feel happy. I wanted to help everyone to feel happy and important.

I want our products to be more about how you feel after and while you are using them than the products themselves. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a strong product to step aside and let the result be the star instead of the shiny packaging. That meant we had to figure out which ingredients were important and actually doing something to our skin rather that fancy words and scientific terms that elaborate and fill in areas that don’t need filling.

When you use a product, where does it take you? How long are you gone? How does it make you and your skin feel? Do you feel important while using this product? How does the smell and texture play out in the full experience?

We didn’t want normal and conventional. We wanted to stand out in a crowd and let our products do the talking for us.




Hi, Im DeAnna.  I am the creator and founder of DeAnna's Bath and Body.


Dana  is our store front manager.  She makes sure our customers are happy and the store front is running smooth.  

Dana is a very important part of our team and we are very grateful to have her as part of our family.


Mae Mae works part time in our store front.  She is our Social Media Manager and is fabulous.  We are very lucky to have her on our team.

Mae Mae is always smiling and very eager to help our customers any way she can.  We love having her as part of our team.