Magnesium Cream

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9.00 Ounces

Benefits of Magnesium
- It is especially effective in pain management. It can be applied to any painful area and has an almost immediate effect on acute and chronic pain. Furthermore, not only relieves pain but also treat the cause of pain.
- It is a stimulant and very effective immune system to fight infections.
- Coordinates the activity of the heart muscle and is important in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol.
- Delay the onset of type II diabetes and helps treat complications associated with this disease
- A regular dose of magnesium is an important part of any rejuvenation program, helping to counteract degenerative age-related calcification, smoothing wrinkles and sun damaged skin.
- It has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps promote sleep.
- Facilitate women the transition to menopause. Alleviates uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, hypoglycemia and mood disorders.
- The athletic endurance, muscle mass and strength increase as supplements that contain large amounts of magnesium are taken. It also reduces the formation of lactic acid, cramps and post-exercise aches.

Not for everyone
People with kidney disease, congenital neuro-muscular diseases, cardiac arrhythmia's and intestinal blockages should always consult your doctor to determine if they can use a supplement with magnesium.

Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, you may experience tingling or itchiness the first few times the magnesium oil is applied. The itching sensation is harmless and is due to magnesium penetration into the skin. It may be a rash indicating that the body is detoxing.

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