Charcoalition Face Mask

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Our Charcoalition Mask is perfect for oily skin.  Its great for teens going through puberty and adults who have oily skin.

This mask contains top quality ingredients that work together to form the perfect coalition for fighting oily skin.

Charcoal - For drawing impurities out of the skin

Bentonite Clay - Mild clay to help  with drying oily skin.

Aloe Very Gel - Skin soothing agent

Vitamin E - Nutrient to the skin

Vine Pumice Powder - Exfoliant for removing dead skin

Tea Tree Oil - All natural acne treatment

Germaben - This is a preservative that is intended to prevent bacteria, mold and fungal growth in products, and extends the shelf life.

Stearic Acid - Made from pure fruit extracts, this product is used as a thickener and a ph decreaser.